AREAA Manhattan abhors and condemns the recent wave of attacks against Asian Americans throughout the United States that has coincided with the spread of the coronavirus.
This is destructive to individuals, communities and businesses.
There have now been 3,800 documented attacks against Asian Americans since the start of the pandemic.  In 2020, hate crimes targeting Asian Americans rose exponentially in the United States.
We ask that law enforcement and the prosecutors take a tough stance on the perpetrators of hate crimes so that there is a deterrent effect to these crimes.  We hope to avoid more senseless tragedy in these difficult times.
Very truly yours,
Gregg Christensen, President
Lisa Liu, Vice President
Ronald Chua, Treasurer
Sangmi Park, Secretary
Christina Chao
Johnny Din
Eric Ip
Clifford Katz
Jessica Ke
Lisa Lim
Angela Mulder
Arthur Rosenfield
Robert Shandley
Theresa Show
Sofia Theophilus
Christina Ying
Joanne Chiu, Advisory Board Member
Cassandra Cho, Advisory Board Member
Charles Han, Advisory Board Member
Dorian Lam, Advisory Board Member
Patrick Li, Advisory Board Member
Wilson Ting, Advisory Board Member

Our Story

Founded in 2003, the Asian American Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) is a national nonprofit trade organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community through homeownership.