Accutane, or Isotretinoin, is one of the most powerful and effective methods of treating severe acne. However, this medicine has many side effects, and it poses a risk to people with congenital diseases. If you have tried unsuccessfully all methods of treating acne, consider the possibility of taking Accutane.

When treatment is necessary?

Indication for use Accutane containing Isotretinoin is acne only. One of the most disfiguring skin diseases is acne. It disfigures the skin itself, and its consequences are no less bad. These are ruts after acne, blue spots, and scars. The most common myth about acne is that it occurs only in adolescents. There is another myth – that the acne will one day go by itself.

Do not wipe your face with drying lotions, exfoliate the skin with scrubs, and treat the stomach. After all, all skin problems are due to the insides.

Accutane does not require adherence to a certain diet since the diet does not affect the production of sebum. A person with a healthy stomach can also suffer from acne, he or she needs treatment with Isotretinoin, a proven and effective remedy.

First of all, acne is a chronic disease, like hypertension, like an ulcer. Its full-fledged treatment is almost impossible; however, a remission comes during the application of Accutane, which lasts long enough.

Stages of preparation for treatment

In order for your treatment with Accutane to be as gentle and effective as possible, you should follow the instructions.

  1. Consult a doctor and tell about your problem with the severe acne.
  2. Recognize your type of disease that you want to be treated with the help of Accutane. Accutane should be used for treating severe acne, which cannot be treated with other drugs.
  3. Find out if there are analogs. If your disease is an ongoing problem, but not in severe form, you can consider various remedies. Accutane isn’t used for mild or moderate forms of disease due to a large number of side effects.

In some cases, antibiotics may also be successfully used.

Other treatments include:

  • phototherapy (light therapy)
  • laser procedures.
  1. Discuss all risks with the specialist or read the instructions for the drug. Side effects can be different, ranging from mild discomfort and ending with serious complications. About 80% of people who take Accutane can have several side effects.
  2. Before starting taking the drug, take into account your medical history. It is better to tell the doctor about all physiological or psychological illnesses, taking medications and supplements. Also, consult a specialist if you have:
  • allergy to drugs containing vitamin A
  • diabetes
  • high level of cholesterol in your blood
  • psychological disorder (for example, depression)
  • liver troubles
  • overweight or obesity
  • alcohol addiction
  • problems with bones (e.g., osteoporosis).
  1. Start the process of treatment with Accutane. The effect of the active ingredient Isotretinoin will be noticeable in a few weeks. The optimal time for using Accutane is three months. The repeated course can be conducted only a month after the end of the previous one.

Possible analogues of Accutane

Generic Isotretinoin as a part of Generic Accutane may have several analogues:

  • Roaccutane
  • Isotroin
  • Skinoren

You are able to buy any Generic without prescription, or order Accutane. You may buy Isotretinoin online in any convenient way for you: for example, you can order Accutane for sale and save, because Accutane for sale always has a lower price. You can also buy Accutane online with delivery and take care of your money and time.

Tips for using Accutane

As with most acne remedies, you may notice that there were more of them at the beginning of treatment with Accutane. Do not panic, it’s normal.

When you just start the treatment process, the specialist, as a rule, prescribes a lower dosage of Accutane in order to control the reaction of the body to treatment.

Accutane affects the sebum secreted so the most common side effects are:

  • dry skin
  • cracked lips
  • dry skin around eyes.

You may need to buy a moisturizer.

Always use a moisturizing lip balm. In 90% of cases, there is dryness of the lips. Use a lip balm and reduce the manifestation of this problem.

How to get Accutane?

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