Rebecca Moreno has spent over 20 years in the banking and mortgage industry, assisting buyers and sellers with their financing needs in both Spanish and English. Rebecca is a mom of four and a go-getter by nature. She’s worked incredibly hard to perfect her craft and offer clients the best possible loan programs, products, and resources available. Rebecca is also a volunteer at AREAA Las Vegas. Since she attended her first AREAA event she knew that it was the group that she wanted to invest herself in. Without knowing how to get involved she started showing up to events early and offering to help with either set up, registration or simply taking pictures of the event. She has since stepped into several positions of the board from event planning, secretary, and treasure on up to 2022 President role. She must thank the board as she is an example as to how you can benefit from being a part of an organization such as AREAA. She has grown and matured throughout the time that she has been involved with the organization as a professional leader as well as in her personal life. Outside of work, Rebecca’s four children keep her busy with homework, cheerleading practice, class projects — the list goes on. As the daughter of an immigrant, she’s proud to work hard for the opportunities her children have today. Rebecca’s favorite part of her job is opening opportunities for her clients.