Prisca Lee is the Vice President of Business Development and Sales at Clear Skies Title Agency. The real estate industry along the Gold Coast of Northern New Jersey rivals the fierce and competitive nature of any other high value market in the country. Having built a solid reputation for stellar performance and unparalleled service, Clear Skies has captured the attention of those who demand great work and reliable ethic. Prisca exceeds this expectation with effective communication, swift response and focused resolution. Clear Skies' philosophy of perpetual self improvement in combination with Prisca's dedication to excellence has created a rare and highly sought after service in the local real estate market. As a natural born connector and conscientious matchmaker, Prisca's ultimate skill is to leverage the power of her network to bring like minded professionals together. This collaboration results in seamless teamwork and execution all the way to the closing table. Her ability to connect top professionals from every corner of real estate has proven to be an invaluable specialty that is uniquely her own. Her reach within the various counties of New Jersey grows exponentially as she continues to spread the Clear Skies name all over the region. She is a founding member of her local BNI Chapter where she has served in the top leadership roles. Prisca will be serving as President of AREAA’s Northern New Jersey chapter in 2021 and plans to lead with constancy, zeal, humility and most importantly, integrity. This will be her third consecutive year on the board of directors. In addition to her professional pursuits, Prisca loves classical music. She studied cello with the esteemed Marion Feldman and earned a scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music. She also has a love for billiards and competed in an APA league for many years.