Ana is a native of Spain, having the luxury of being born and raised in the beautiful Canary Islands, off the coast of the Kingdom of Morocco. Although she graduated with a degree in law, her entrepreneurial spirit would eventually lead her to the Peoples Republic of China, where she founded several companies. A full scholarship from the European Union to study Mandarin Chinese and business at the prestigious Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外国语学院) was the first step towards a lifelong interest in China, the culture, and the language. During her 12 years in Beijing, Ana perfected her Mandarin and thrived in the transformation of Chinese society into a modern economy. Her experiences were as diverse as one could imagine; from hosting a nationally televised TV program on CCTV 4, starting a factory with more than 500 hundred employees, to bumping shoulders with then struggling entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma (Alibaba) or Robin Li (Baidu). However, by far, the most rewarding moments were working with orphanages, elderly and leprosy in the remote countryside, and organizing one of the most successful charity events -the EU Chamber of Commerce (Give a Helping Hand) in Beijing at the time. One of the seminal moments of her life was meeting a young disabled orphan who eventually would become her daughter. After a stint of 3 years in Europe (Italy) Ana returned to Asia, but this time a bit further east where she studied Japanese language and culture in an intensive program (ETP Japan), at Waseda University 早稲田大学 in Tokyo. Ana eventually resettled and anchored in South Florida, settling in Pinecrest, where she resides with her family. Ana has a passion for helping clients with their real estate needs. Her clientele includes Chinese, Japanese Italian and Spanish speakers. And if a client speaks a language that she does not know, Ana will find a way!! Her International experience allowed her to build a competitive network of buyers and investors looking to expand their real estate portfolio. Ana Serves as the executive director of international sales at The Bary-Herrera Hernandez Team. Ana is looking forward to helping you in your next chapter!