As a trilingual (English, French, and Chinese) Mass Communications major from UC Berkeley, Herman's combination of traditional marketing strategies and millennial tech savvy rewards clients with an award-winning, artful approach to unprecedented results. With his rapid ascent to becoming one of San Francisco's premier real estate agents, the entertainment industry quickly took notice.In the years since -- as an author, speaker and TV personality -- Herman is routinely sought after to provide key insight into the real estate market and beyond for television and news outlets, such as HGTV, CBC, CNET, MSNBC, Huffington Post, CBS, PBS, CNN Money USA Today US News & World Report.While his charismatic personality shines on camera, it's his passionate pursuit of excellence for his clients that elicits praise throughout the industry.Today, with renowned local expertise and storied track record of success, Herman continues his unwavering effort on behalf of his devoted clientele to not only realize their goals but exceed them like only he can.