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Fall 2016 Edition

2016 A-List: Our Annual Best of the Best


a | r | e magazine is the official publication of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), a non-profit trade organization dedicated to increasing homeownership opportunities for Asians in America. The magazine features individuals, businesses, developments and neighborhoods that are making an impact on the way Asians live and buy real estate in America. Regularly heralded for its visual appeal, the magazine stands out as one of the premier real estate industry publications.


The uniquely-sized and perfectly bound print edition is produced two times a year, in spring and fall, to coincide with AREAA's National Events.

DIMENSIONS: 9" X 10.875"
FREQUENCY: Twice a year


Everything that the print edition offers in the convenience of an online, mobile-ready format that on-the-go professionals demand. All four issues each year are published digitally and promoted through AREAA's online communications and social media platforms.

FREQUENCY: 4x / year


a/r/e Fall 2016 - 2016 A-ListOur Annual Best of the Best

a/r/e Summer 2016 - Saviors of the Housing Market

a/r/e Spring 2016 - We Are: No Other

a/r/e Winter 2016 - The Chicago Way: Vicky Silvano Takes Control

a/r/e Summer 2015 - How the East Built the West:Exploring the Legacy of the Chinese Immigrants Who Connected a Nation

a/r/e Summer 2015 - Life Beyond the Gateways: Asian Immigration in the 21st Century

a/r/e Spring 2015 - The World is Ours: AREAA's Ambitious New For-Profit Venture is Officially Open for Business

a/r/e Winter 2015 - Champion of Change: Carmen Chong's Amazing Journey

a/r/e Fall 2014 - The Best of the Best: AREAA "A" List 2014

a/r/e Summer 2014 - Meet the Korean on the Forefront of the Fight for Multi-Cultural Housing

a/r/e Spring 2014 - The Asian Investor's Thirst for Fine Wine

a/r/e Winter 2014 - 2014 Chair Ivan Choi: Unveiling Big Plans for his Term

a/r/e Fall 2013 - The Anniversary Edition

a/r/e Summer 2013 - Immigration: Recounting harrowing journeys to the United States to reunite families and seek new life opportunities

a/r/e Spring 2013 - International buyers snap up North American Real Estate while the window of opportunity is still open

a/r/e Winter 2013 - 2013 Chair Jim Park: Building one unified voice for Asian Americans in the housing community

a/r/e Fall 2012 - Meet the 3rd annual AREAA "A" List: Top producers serving Asian American communities

a/r/e Summer 2012 - 2012 Chair Kathy Tsao: Taking her show on the road

a/r/e Spring 2012 - Purchasing property in Asia: Getting started in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea

a/r/e Winter 2012 - AREAA chapter presidents lead a grassroots effort to increase Asian American homeownership in communities

a/r/e Fall 2011 - the 2011 A-List Presented by theEDGE, AREAA Young Professionals

a/r/e Summer 2011 - Kenneth Li and AREAA members from around the globe share their tales of immigration and the American Dream

a/r/e Spring 2011 - What Is The Home Made Of? 

a/r/e Winter 2011 - Asian Real Estate Markets Leap Ahead: A look at rising prices in Mumbai, Shanghai, and Ho Chi Minh City

a/r/e Fall 2010 - Young and Successful: The 2010 AREAA "A" List features the future faces of Asian American Real Estate

a/r/e Summer 2010 - Obama's Point Man on Housing: FHA Commissioner Dave Stevens Talks Housing Recovery

a/r/e Spring 2010 - Housing Policy and the Asian American Community

a/r/e Fall 2009 - The Future of AREAA: Fukuda Aims to Expand Business Opportunities for Members

a/r/e Summer 2009 - Foreclosure Prevention: What You Need to Know

a/r/e Spring 2009 - Why Policy Matters: Chiang and AREAA focus on making an impact on the current housing market

a/r/e Winter 2009 - Houston's Asian Community: Diversity and growth thrive in the Texas metropolis


AREAA is the professional trade organization serving the AAPI community and is known for hosting world-class events. Recent national events have been hosted in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, and Honolulu. 2016 distribution is highlighted by two print editions, which will be delivered to all attendees of the AREAA Global and Luxury Summit in Honolulu (Spring) and the AREAA National Convention in Las Vegas (Fall). In addition, these two editions will be distributed to all AREAA chapters, 37 and counting, in major markets across the United States and Canada.


a | r | e shares stories of individual leaders, innovators, businesses, developments and neighborhoods in the Asian American real estate community. Spanning from emotional tales of immigration and the pursuit of the American Dream, to inspirational business success stories, to up-and-coming Asian neighborhoods in America, a | r | e content promotes Asian cultures and helps the publication's readers become better real estate professionals.

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